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Sports Massage II | Advanced Stretching Variations [6 CE's]

Owner Julie Bevel has a National Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NBCTMB). This is the profession's highest voluntary credential for continuing education. Approved Provider #: 451177-09
  • $175.00

This class is completely dedicated to stretching techniques and building your Sports Massage business. Using a combination of Table Thai, Yoga, PNF & deep tissue, you will learn variations in stretches that target hard to stretch areas (like psoas and piriformis) as well as how to adjust for common injuries and surgeries.  
Client communication is also addressed throughout the class to ensure safe use of techniques and to help you set result oriented goals with your client.  
This class is geared towards an advanced and experienced therapist who is already comfortable with basic moves like the "chicken wing" stretch. It involves lifting limbs and forming a partnership with your client to make the stretch efficient and effective. Draping techniques during stretching is also covered. 

Instructor: Julie Bevel | NCBTMB CE Provider # 451177-09


What Our Students Are Saying

  • "Class was educational and very easy to follow. The techniques shown will be perfect to use on clients moving forward! Our educator was knowledgeable and patient. I like that history was included along with various different methods. This was an overall great course - I definitively loved it!


  • "I had the absolute privilege of working one-on-one with Julie B for the Business Building class. Her delivery and knowledge was top notch, she had great communication skills, and the information provided was immensely helpful. As a seasoned professional yet a new business owner, I gained a lot of insight and I am taking all my new tools I learned and putting them to work. I know that implementing what I learned will help with my business AND personal goals. Both Erica and Julie were wonderful from start to finish. I’m so happy to be part of their network and will continue to take CE classes from them!"